How A Payday Loan Changed My Thinking Process

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I was always this happy and hippie type girl, and would continue to be the same. Still there were values that got implanted in my always buzzing head, and I am sure they are going to stay with me for the rest of my life. It’s something I didn’t do for myself, yet it helped me understand the importance of finances.

My nature of helping others

Before telling you my story, let me tell you about my nature briefly. I am a very helping person, and think little about myself. Wherever I find some guy or girl in distress or some problem, I go out of my way to help them, and this helping thing gives me the ultimate satisfaction.

This time also, I was trying to help a guy. The only difference was that, I had helped people earlier with ideas, or by lending my ear or my living place, or by supporting them at tough times with some physical help etc. But this time I was helping with money. And, the funniest part of the story is that, I myself didn’t have any. Then how come I could help one with money? You may call me silly, or stupid, but I am what I am. And, I took an instant payday loan to help this person, knowing well that I will be paying the interests and EMIs.

Why a payday loan

I had to take a loan, but had no fixed assets, and no property to call my own because of the type of life I lead. Thus, I had no other options to get a normal loan. The only way I could get a loan, was by getting a payday loan, as this was a much easier and flexible option. You may ask why.

The reasons are that:

Instant Payday loans are given to individuals who need sudden quick loans with instant processing. They cannot wait and need the money as soon as possible. The reason to take up the loan can be any, and most often it’s a crisis that drives one to take such a loan
• Individuals who need a loan to repay back old and existing loan EMIs may take a payday loan. The payday loans can be used for this purpose solely
• People who have already ruined their track record of loan repayment, and have become defaulters to loan and credit cards can apply for the instant payday loans UK , and get then approved
• People who do not care about the short term and high interest rates of payday loans, and knows that they will be able to repay that back in time, continues with it
Now I certainly fell into the category of getting a payday loan, and applied for the same instantly. I got support from my other likeminded friends as well on the decision. Support, was only what I needed and that was my strength. Finally I could accumulate the finances I needed to help the person, and felt satisfied once again with my life.

Who would help me in disdain?

But, then a realization dawned upon me about my own life. If I were in a trouble, and needed some cash, who would be so helpful to bear the interests of loans for me, and give me all the cash with just a smile on face. Not all people are my prototypes on earth. In fact I may not find a single such person.
Thus I felt that it is high time that I get conscious about myself, and save something for my problems too. Now, after a few years of that incident, I am happy to announce, that I am still that same happy and hippie person, willing to help others with all I have. But, now I also have strong financial backing to help myself as well if I need any,

How I Went Trekking With The Payday Loan

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Though it takes very small time to process a payday loan, yet I had no idea of how much time it could actually take, as this was the first time I took a loan. I was totally in shock, when I saw my bank account getting the loan amount as a deposit. I thought, maybe I got the loan out of impossible terms. But reading through the T&C document helped me understand that this is what is normal when you take a payday loan.

My story in short

By the way I am Derek, a college student, and you may be thinking that what could make me go for a payday loan, without even knowing the terms, and processing methods etc. Actually it’s a complete adrenaline rush. Please do not come to a conclusion so soon. I am not an adrenaline junkie, and have always been living a normal life. It’s just that lately, I read a lot about camping and trekking, and the fun in adventures and hills and mountains. And, you can call it a complete coincidence, or the game of life, that at the same time, my college group started planning a trek.

The proposal to go for the trek

I was already super-charged by the thought of adventure, when this proposal to go for the trek came to me, and that too at the very last moment. They were starting after just one day, and casually dropped the proposal to my ear, expecting a ‘no’ from me, because never before in my life did I show any interest in adventures, camping and trekking etc, and they all knew it. But to their surprise, I agreed to join.

Why I opted for the payday loan

Then I realized that I would need funds too for the trek, and my normal college allowances won’t supply for that. It was already too late to ask my parents for the money, and I didn’t have any such friend, who could give away such a big amount at once and so soon.

Thus, the only option that I was left with was to take a payday loan at high interest and short term repayment conditions. They didn’t ask for securities or anything, and I didn’t have any actually. Most importantly I needed the money fast, and they processed it within a few hours. Ultimately I could join my college group in the trek, and it was the greatest joy of my life. The unforgettable memories of the trek still cling to me as pictures over my desk.


How Carol Helped Me Revive My Business With The Payday Loan

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Carol has always been sort of a tomboy, and has put on a brave face however difficult the situation would be in life. I am her father, and being a father I am not the one giving her advices; rather she gives me suggestions about things in life, lifestyle and my finances etc. If you think it’s strange, then I would say I enjoy this strange role reversal, as I feel comforted to have such a responsible and smart daughter, who can take care of herself as well as her family, alone.

Carol was always talented

I understood this talent of her even more, when I was in a very serious and deep trouble a few years back. My shop was not running well. I would say here, that I run a studio where I take and develop still photographs. It was the shift from the reel photography to digital photography, and people were choosing studios where they were getting updated technology for high quality digital prints. We were lagging behind on that, and my shop was going through a bad business.

Carol’s idea of taking a payday loan

Carol helped me revive at that time really fast. She advised me to take up a loan; but not a normal loan, that would take days to get approved. She wanted to be fast to keep up with the pace of the fast changing trend. Thus she made me take a payday loan that could be processed the very same day.

It was a short term loan with high rate of interest. But she said me not to think about the interest or repayment, as she guaranteed, that it won’t be a problem once the business starts running again. I agreed to her, and filled up the application form online, and got the loan processed within the day. They deposited the approved amount to my account, and Carol took the charge to use that in renovating the shop with all latest gadgets and machinery.
Soon my shop started running like never before, and I thank Carol and the timely loan for saving my business.


An Apt Payday Loan Turned The Street Dancer To A Dance Teacher

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People take up loans to get higher studies, or a car or home, or a business etc. But I never thought that I will be taking loans for my dancing passion. This may seem absurd to many, and initially I also felt strange about it. But now, when I am satisfied with the results of the chances that I took for my passion, I only thank myself.

What led me to the decision

I am from a financially struggling family, and am not much good at studies too. But I am a good street dancer, and tried my luck at several competitions in the UK. In those days, I got an offer to take part in a competition that needed me to travel to another city. Naturally I had no money for that, as I barely managed my education with the small family income we had.

Why I took the payday loan

It was then, that I decided to take a payday loan to travel to the competition. It was the best possible option, as we had no big savings, nor assets to pawn on, and I needed the money fast. I applied for it online, and got my queries answered real fast, and got the loan in a day. And, now I thank myself for the decision, as I have earned so much recognition from winning that competition, that I have my own dancing school now with a steady income.